KJ Apa Movies: Ranking His Top 3 Highest-Rated Films

"Riverdale" star KJ Apa is celebrating his 24th birthday today, and in honor of his special day we've picked out his 3 best movies and ranked them.

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By Jesse Conner

KJ Apa Movies: A Dog's Purpose

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The up-and-coming TV/movie star KJ Apa is turning 24 years old today. This young New Zealand actor started his career in the U.S. only about 4 years ago. And he's already on his way to becoming a household name. Most recently, he starred in the Hulu's sci-fi thriller flick "Songbird." This film centered around a fictional pandemic beyond COVID-19. Though the picture wasn't very well received probably due to its likeness of our current situation, it certainly wasn't from a lack of Apa's acting abilities. KJ Apa has certainly found success with his hit show "Riverdale." And now he's beginning to make his mark by starring in various movies as well. To celebrate this rising star, we've picked out 3 of the highest-rated KJ Apa movies and ranked them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

  • 1The Hate U Give
    KJ Apa Movies: The Hate U Give

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    This drama film is easily Apa's most well-received film. He's considered as somewhat of a secondary supporting character with limited time on screen. But when the camera is on him, his presence is felt. He plays Chris, the boyfriend of the main character Starr (Amandla Stenberg). The subject matter of this film has his character dealing with the disapproval of Starr's father due to the fact that Chris is white while Starr is black. With such a serious and controversial topic, it can be tough to navigate a role like that. But Apa does so thoughtfully and with sensitivity.

    The Hate U Give Poster

    The Hate U Give

    Drama / 2018 / PG-13

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  • 2I Still Believe
    KJ Apa Movies: I Still Believe

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    Apa's second flick has him portraying a real-life Christian music star named Jeremy Camp. This film was really the one that showed audiences KJ Apa could be a lead actor. Also, this Christian romantic drama film was released just before the pandemic went into full effect and was still number one in the box office on its first day. Critics were somewhat critical of the film, but audiences loved it.

    I Still Believe Poster

    I Still Believe

    Drama / 2020 / PG

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  • 3A Dog's Purpose
    KJ Apa Movies: A Dog's Purpose

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    And finally, we're looking at Apa's debut film in our third-place spot. This comedy-drama adventure film pulled on the heartstrings of dog lovers everywhere. Apa's role was that of a teenage Ethan, the owner of the main dog character (voiced by Josh Gad). Ethan, his dog, and his love interest (Britt Robertson) made for an amusing threesome as they lived, laughed, and loved together during most of Ethan's teen years. Also, KJ Apa and Britt Robertson later went on to be each other love interests as the lead roles in the previously mentioned film on our list "I Still Believe."

    A Dog's Purpose Poster

    A Dog's Purpose

    Comedy Drama / 2017 / PG

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