Jimmy Fallon Hosts at Home for Fundraiser with Jennifer Garner

Jimmy Fallon is home like the rest of us, but he's also hosting a show from home for a different fundraiser with each episode.

Chuck Walton

By Chuck Walton


We are in the midst of tough times where preventative measures need to be taken and people should not be socializing with other people.

That said, the show must go on, and can go on from home!

Jimmy Fallon feels the same way which is why he's been hosting his show from his house, and his wife has been the one filming him.

Not only that, Fallon has been using each episode as a platform for people to donate to various charities.

Though his "studio audience" so far has consisted of his two adorable daughters and his dog, yesterday he switched it up and decided to use a soundboard on his laptop instead (buttons for sounds of people laughing, booing, yelling, etc.).

Jimmy has managed to find the light by trying to make his show just as entertaining as usual (even if he laughs at his own jokes), and he's encouraging people to donate to charity.

In his latest broadcast, Jimmy performed a monologue, read off some quarantine-related hashtags on Twitter, and did a video interview with his guest Jennifer Garner.

© NBCUniversal Television Distribution

© NBCUniversal Television Distribution

They talked about a charity that she and fellow movie star Amy Adams decided to help out, which is called 'Save the Children,' which donates finances and resources to children in need. Together, the actresses created an Instagram account called SaveWithStories where celebrities read children's books to help encourage people to donate.

After Garner and Fallon finished the interview, they ended the show with a little impromptu song about washing your hands to the tune of the 'happy birthday' song.

To donate to Garner's charity, click here to view the website.

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