Hugh Jackman Movies: Three to See Before 'Reminiscence'

As we await the release of the new Hugh Jackman film "Reminiscence," we're also looking back at three of his best movies you should watch now.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Hugh Jackman Movies: Logan

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The charismatic "X-Men" actor we all know and love, Hugh Jackman, has a new sci-fi thriller hitting theaters and HBO Max this Friday titled "Reminiscence." Whether you know him from his days as Wolverine or from his silly ongoing feud with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, you know he's resilient. In this new flick, he'll be diving into the minds of various people looking for answers to their questions. This private eye of the mind will need to be careful that he doesn't fall too deep and get lost in the past. Before we go on that journey, here are the three Hugh Jackman movies you should watch first.

  • 1Prisoners
    Hugh Jackman Movies: Prisoners

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    This is quite possibly Jackman's darkest and most intense role to date. Jackman plays the role of a concerned dad who'll do whatever it takes to retrieve his daughter and her friend. If you want to see what Jackman is really capable of, this is THE movie to see. Though he's technically not an investigator or man of the law by any means, he certainly takes matters into his own hands with no mercy for those who he believes are guilty.

    Prisoners Poster


    Crime Drama / 2013 / R

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  • 2Bad Education
    Hugh Jackman Movies: Bad Education

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    Here we have one of Jackman's most recent projects based on the true story of the largest public-school embezzlement in American history. Jackman plays the role of school district superintendent Dr. Frank Tassone alongside assistant superintendent Pam Gluckin (Allison Janney). The actor lays on the charm in this flick. He may have a smile some will see as endearing, but actually, it should be viewed as more of a diabolical one. This title is tied with our next pick "Logan" for being the highest-rated film of the Hugh Jackman movies on Rotten Tomatoes, with a whopping 93% from critics.

    Bad Education Poster

    Bad Education

    Comedy Drama / 2019

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  • 3Logan
    Hugh Jackman Movies: Logan

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    Finally, we reach Jackman's most popular film featuring his most beloved character Wolverine. Hugh appeared in 6 other X-Men films as the healing mutant with retractable forearm claws before getting this standalone film. In the other film Jackman's character was an integral part of the X-Men but he never really had a chance to fight on his own. If you've ever wondered what a solo Wolverine who's completely shredded might look like going full rage mode, your wish has been granted.

    Logan Poster


    Action / 2017 / R

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