'How It Ends' Trailer Breakdown: Liza's Last Day on Earth

MGM released a new trailer for "How It Ends" today, and it has Zoe Lister-Jones trying to make the most of her last day before a meteor blows up Earth.

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By Jesse Conner

How It Ends: Trailer Breakdown


If you knew that the world was going to end, how would you spend your last day? That's the question Liza (Zoe Lister-Jones) is asking herself now that she knows an asteroid is headed for Earth. With the release of the first trailer for MGM's "How It Ends" comes Liza's dilemma of deciding what to do with only 24 hours left to live. Although we don't know Liza's answer yet, let's dig into what we do know.

"How It Ends": Trailer Breakdown

Naturally, if you heard the world was ending, there could be a couple different things you might think about. One question you might ask yourself is if you have any regrets. Liza's biggest fear and regret is that she will most likely die alone. When having this thought she's comforted by what appears to be her friend/daughter that she won't be dying alone. Alas, we come to find that this other "person" is actually just an imaginary manifestation of her younger self that she's made up in her head.



This is probably a coping mechanism she's using to deal with the fact that she's alone. Looking back on her life, she realizes most of her relationships with family, friends, and significant others have ended on less than ideal terms. Because of this, she's decided that her final night will be used to face those regrets. There's an end of the world party that she's been invited to and she's planning on attending.

After watching this trailer, the many people she's wronged, in some form or another, will be people that you're bound to recognize. We were honestly thrown off by how much star power this film is packing. We don't want to ruin the surprise, but we're very much looking forward to seeing how everything plays out when she confronts each member of this talented cast. To see this new trailer and all of the actors in it, just click below to check it out.

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July 20, 2021

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