'House of Gucci' Review: Is This Tale of Tragedy Worth a Watch?

Is this epic ensemble of actors one worth watching or is this "House of Gucci" the story of a family dynasty not worth caring about?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

House of Gucci Review: Is This Tale of Tragedy Worth a Watch?

© MGM / courtesy Everett Collection

It's a name we've all heard. Usually, the first thing most people think when they hear it is high-end luxury fashion. But they probably don't know the history behind some very significant events that happened within the Gucci family behind closed doors. "House of Gucci" tells a story that many people will be surprised to learn about regarding the fashion empire. Families are complicated, and when you add money into the equation, they only get more complicated. Before you watch "House of Gucci," let us share our review with you.

Reasons to Watch...

© MGM / courtesy Everett Collection

© MGM / courtesy Everett Collection

  • This ensemble cast, with Adam Driver and Lady Gaga running the show, excels in the most ridiculous of ways. The various interfamilial conflicts between different characters provides longevity to the film in a captivating way. It's a mapped-out disaster that you can't seem to look away from.
  • For a film based on true events, Ridley Scott is able to turn up the absurdity of the story in a way that makes it almost feel like fiction. He does a great job of illustrating the unstable power dynamic within this patriarchal family.
  • There's a surprising amount of comedy for a film that's really characterized as a biographical crime drama.
  • The various settings and costume designs are ones that reflect a lavish lifestyle perfectly in theme with the Gucci brand.

Or Not...

© MGM / courtesy Everett Collection

© MGM / courtesy Everett Collection

  • Certain accents and characters are almost a little too inflated for their own good at times.
  • It seems like Ridley Scott could have condensed this story down a bit by not stretching out certain, less important plot points. The main focus of the story was much different than what we thought it would be, with less emphasis on the conclusion of the film.
  • There are almost too many conflicts stuffed into this film which makes it tough to be able to focus on any of them.
  • The tone of the film is tough to identify as it feels like it's trying to cater to various genres.

Watch or Not?

With "House of Gucci," we think you should go check it out!

The self-inflicted struggle within this powerful family is a train wreck that you just can't help but watch. And the way these characters develop will leave you shocked that they're based on actual people. Director Ridley Scott and the all-star cast seem to work well together telling the untold story of the Gucci family.

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November 24, 2021

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