'His House': Sink or Stream?

Are we going to let this film sink into the hands of the aggrieved spirits or will we let it stream because it's our house?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

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The scariest night of the year is almost here so we've picked out one of Netflix's new horror movies "His House" to decide if it's worth a stream for Halloween.

If you're a horror movie fan, then you know better than anyone else that there are a few key elements that make a horror film worth watching.

First, at some point there needs to be a person, or a silhouette of what looks like a person, in a dark room, and then an eerie sound that makes the main character look away only to see that the silhouette has disappeared.

Next, we need at least one suspicious person, whether it's someone from the past, or maybe they're front and center the whole time – but, there needs to be something a little off about them.

Then, finally, there needs to be some bombshell discovery that flips your whole world upside down, and BOO!

Well, maybe not all movies follow that exact formula, but today we'll at least let you know if this movie passes the horror movie vibe checklist.

Reasons to Sink

© Netflix

© Netflix

  • The film centers around a refugee couple from South Sudan and how they are forced to adjust once entering a new country, which could be a sensitive topic for families that may have had to deal with a similar process.
  • At times it's difficult to discern what's real and what's fake, which can make it hard to fully understand how the story is unfolding and what the guidelines are for this movie-length fable.
  • There is a certain level of intolerance that occurs throughout the film, which might be considered offensive.

Reasons to Stream

© Netflix

© Netflix

  • Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku are a powerhouse couple that showcase their ability to use raw physicality to express how their characters are dealing with some deep emotional trauma.
  • The extremely original script not only keeps you on your toes with various jump scares and plot twists, but it also packs a powerful symbolic message about what happens when you don't deal with your demons.
  • A treacherous journey that a refugee couple seeking asylum might face, coupled with the traditional haunted house narrative, makes for a captivating story that hits on every part of the emotional spectrum.

Sink or Stream?

We've made our decision about "His House," and that decision is stream this now!

The film arrives just in time to bring you some horror for your "Hallo-stream" night.

Be prepared, this movie is anything but traditional, and it does construct some social scenarios that will cause some discomfort, but we can confidently say there is no other movie like it.

If you're looking for a typical jolt-filled horror flick, it has some scares, but if you're looking for a psychological, supernatural, deep-seated kind of terror, then this is your movie.

Give your psyche a little shake, and stream now on Netflix.

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