'Halloween Kills' Trailer Breakdown: The Survivors of Myers

Universal dropped the final trailer for "Halloween Kills" today and it has all the survivors of Michael Myers banding together to end him once and for all.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Halloween Kills: Trailer Breakdown

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The tragic story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family being tortured by Michael Myers continues this October. The most recent film from the franchise, 2018's "Halloween," concluded with what looked like the end of Michael Myers. As a burning house billowed with smoke while Myers lay trapped under the floorboards, it seemed quite certain that his murderous escapades had come to an end. Unfortunately for the Strode family, he was somehow able to escape. And now with the final trailer for "Halloween Kills," we've seen some of Michael's old obsessions come out of the woodwork to help take down this boogeyman for good. So, let's see if we notice anything new about what the future holds by breaking down the new trailer.

'Halloween Kills': Trailer Breakdown

If you've been keeping up with the franchise even in the most basic way, then you know that Michael Myers is just built different. So, it should come as no surprise that the man can survive being trapped in a burning house. If the firefighters didn't come save the day, we'd say that Myers would be toast. But because they weren't informed of the notorious murderer burning alive in the basement, there's no way they could have predicted he would use them as his way out. Laurie Strode only gets about a moment of relief in thinking it's finally over. Then, she learns that Myers somehow escaped his flame-filled tomb.

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© Universal Pictures

Though it's bad luck that the "man" broke free, we do have some good news. This time around, Laurie is getting some backup. When Michael went on his first spree, he wasn't able to kill everyone who crossed his path. The Myers survivors are now coming back with a vengeance to put an end to this. This won't be an easy undertaking as Michael has never been taken down. But with the new squad, including many from the original 1978 "Halloween," at least they'll have a fighting chance.

As the bodies of his new victims begin to appear around the city, they all seem to be leading in one direction...back to his childhood home. Will Laurie finally be able to unmask this evil man so she can watch him die for herself? Or will Myers sidestep death once again and continue the reign of terror? Only time will tell (since there's one more sequel set to be released next year, he'll make it till then at least). In the meantime, click below to see the final trailer for "Halloween Kills."

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October 15, 2021

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