'Goldman v Silverman' - A Sandler/Safdie Short Film

Following the success of "Uncut Gems" as the first collaboration between the Safdie brothers and Adam Sandler, they've decided to release another film....

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner


As you are all probably aware, the Oscars are coming up and many fans of the recent A24 film "Uncut Gems" were upset and confused as to why the film didn't receive any Oscar nominations in any category.

Folks were especially shocked that comedy legend Adam Sandler didn't get a Best Actor nomination for his skillfully executed performance.

Though the film won't receive academy recognition, it has been doing very well in theaters, so much that Sandler and the Safdie brothers couldn't wait to work together again on another film.

That's right, they've already made and released another film...although this movie is much shorter and less dramatic than "Uncut Gems."The new short film is called "Goldman v Silverman." Directed by Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie, the feature stars Adam Sandler and Benny Safdie....

© Elara Pictures

© Elara Pictures

Yes, you heard right, we are getting to see Adam in another semi-dramatic role, and we get to see a glimpse of Benny in action, too. While we can't say it's a super dramatic feature, given the fact that the plot focuses on a turf war between street performers (one who's gold and one who's silver), we can say this is no typical short film. It's definitely worth a watch.

See it here on Vimeo.

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