'Free Guy' Movie Review: Should You Watch or Not?

Will we enjoy this new virtual video game world in "Free Guy," or after our review will our best option be to just pull the plug?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Free Guy Movie Review: Watch or Not?

© 20th Century Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

We've reached what might be the most original movie idea of the summer. The release of the Ryan Reynolds film "Free Guy" is finally here. The flick takes us on a journey to a place where the possibilities are endless a lland far, far away (inside of a computer) called Free City. In this virtual city, there are virtually no rules. Players from all around the globe can cause havoc by driving fast cars, robbing banks, and blowing things up. And the non-player character (or NPCs) can't do anything about it. But there's one NPC in particular who's decided that he not going to play by the rules either anymore. And his name is Guy. But before you watch "Free Guy" to see how this plays out, read our movie review first.

Reasons to Watch...

© 20th Century Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

© 20th Century Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

  • It's a movie for everyone, but gamers especially are going to love this film. Not only does it deliver some over-the-top video game violence, but it also accurately portrays gaming culture. It's a love letter to gamers, designers, and coders.
  • The sheer number of easter eggs and celebrity cameos make this film worth a watch for movie lovers and hardcore gamers.
  • The entire cast is entertaining and they play off each other beautifully. Ryan Reynolds especially brings the comedy with his trademark quips along with some explosive action.
  • It's not your typical action comedy because it constantly illustrates the power of love and friendship in heartwarming ways.

Or Not...

© 20th Century Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

© 20th Century Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

  • Sometimes it can be a little silly with jokes that feel too forced.
  • Due to the subject matter of the film, it may be less appealing to non-gamers.
  • Even though this is an original idea, it feels like they could have done more with it given that they created an entire world, but we really only see one or two streets.

Watch or Not?

On "Free Guy," we think you should watch it this weekend!

We weren't sure if this was going to be too ridiculous for our taste, but as it turns out it was just the right amount. Director Shawn Levy does a great job bringing us a new and imaginative world which will intrigue gamers and non-gamers alike. Our only regret is that we can't join in on the fun and play Free City ourselves.

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August 13, 2021

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