Frank Grillo Movies: Top 3 Roles to Remember

Actor Frank Grillo celebrates his 56th birthday today, still in the best shape ever, and so to rejoice we've chosen 3 of his most memorable movies.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Frank Grillo Movies

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Some people may only know this actor from his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic universe. Others may have seen him in the new trailer for the upcoming film "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard." Today, we're honoring Frank Grillo because it's his 56th birthday. Grillo has had a mix of various action roles over the last two decades. He still continues to be a prominent player in Hollywood bagging more and more action roles as well as keeping up with his intense workout regimen. To celebrate his achievements and his good health, we're looking back at 3 Frank Grillo movies that deserve to be highlighted.

  • 1Boss Level
    Frank Grillo Movies: Boss Level

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    We begin with one of Grillo's most recent films where he's off the chain insane. This film is spewing with over-the-top action! When a man wakes up every morning, only to die and then start that same day again, he has no idea how to stop it. He'll need to do anything and everything it takes to make it through the day without getting killed. Grillo is grabbing the bull by the horns with a flood of action sequences mixed with some sarcasm and humor to follow.

    Boss Level Poster

    Boss Level

    Action / 2021

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  • 2Wheelman
    Frank Grillo Movies: Wheelman

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    Another role that some might not recognize from our list of Frank Grillo movies is this one. Grillo plays a getaway driver that doesn't know who he can trust. When you're working with criminals and other criminals say that your crew is going to kill you, who should you believe? The correct answer would ideally be no one, but in this situation, he's pretty much forced choose sides. Once anyone starts mentioning the safety of your family, the sides tend to not matter as much.

    Wheelman Poster


    Action / 2017

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  • 3Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Frank Grillo Movies: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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    And to top off our list, this is our favorite Grillo role (and we're sure yours as well). Grillo takes on the character Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones. This character can really be considered two in one. Grillo first took on this role in this film, but he reprises it in "Captain America: Civil War" when he goes from being a HYDRA infiltrator to a full-on named supervillain. Grillo does an incredible job of showing his ability to go from good guy to bad guy in an instant. And he showcases his physicality with the many extensive fight scenes you would expect to see in an MCU film.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Action / 2014 / PG-13

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