Fallon & Smith's History of Will Smith Rap

Will Smith rocks the mic alongside Jimmy Fallon as they rap down memory lane through all of Will's accomplishments.

By Jesse Conner


If you've kept up with Will Smith's iconic franchises over the years, then you know that "Bad Boys for Life" is coming out later this week.

And what better way to show that you're a bad boy than by coming on Jimmy Fallon's show to do a rap with the talk show host about your entire acting career.

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From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" to "Aladdin," Will and Jimmy slay the audience with their rhymes for 2 1/2 minutes without missing a beat.After seeing this, we know Willy's still got his style, and that Jimmy is able to keep up with his own Beastie Boys-esque sound.They even do a dance you might recognize from Smith's previous work....To get in on the fun, click here to watch the potent duo steal the stage.

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