Every Oscar Best Picture Nominee Ranked

From WatchMojo and Noovie to you, here's every Oscar Best Picture nominee ranked.

By Chuck Walton


With less than two weeks to go till the Academy Awards, it's time to take a closer look at the movies vying for the industry's top honor.

How do we rank the nine films up for the Best Picture Oscar? Read on for our quick ordering of the nominees, or watch our full WatchMojo/Noovie rankings here. From bottom to top, here's how they shake out to us...

#9 - "Jojo Rabbit"

© Fox Searchlight Pictures

The movie doesn't really acomplish all that it sets out to do...it's not really a satire...and it also goes a bit too far to put Nazis in a positive light.

If we look at the film from a simpler perpsective...it does do a good job of telling the story of a kid growing up who meets a Jewish girl in hiding. She in turn helps him to learn and grow as a person. However, the film was very much marketed as a satire, and it doesn't quite meet those expectations.

#8 - "Ford v Ferari"

© 20th Century Fox

This movie marks a return to more traditional filmmaking.

It's a very well told story, and a well-crafted film. The performances from Matt Damon and Christian Bale are both great.It's solid, although more of a safe choice and not necessarily worthy of the top award.

#7 - "Joker"

© Warner Bros. Pictures

It's reminnicent of some of the best Martin Scorsese movies, and it works hard to reel in DC fans with its Joker origin story.

Joaquin Phoenix's performance does live up to all the hype. The cinematography and the score are amazing. The script is somewhat weak. It scratches the surface on important social issues, but it doesn't really go deep enough.

#6 - "Little Women"

© Sony Pictures Releasing

This a very special version of the tale because it is so warm and emotional.

The score is amazing. Saorise Ronan gives a great performance, and Florence Pugh is a standout.

#5 - "1917"

© Universal Pictures

We were pleasantly surprised with this film.

It might be considered one dimensional at times due to the fact that it is just the one continuous shot, but that doesn't distract from the tension or the narrative (it adds to it). There are many quiet scenes where the actors are just walking around, but the purpose is to portray the "real time" element of the film and to show the humanity of the characters. Also, there isn't really much star power...but there doesn't need to be.

#4 - "Marriage Story"

© Netflix

When this film came out, it received a lot of praise, and it was quickly available for millions to stream on Netflix. The scene where Adam Driver is trying to impress the child services representative (failing horribly) had us laughing out loud.

The film is a roller coaster ride of emotions, and it had us on the brink of tears at certain moments. The themes are layered, and universal.

#3 - "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

© Sony Pictures Releasing

The atompsphere that Quentin Tarantino creates is fantastic, and it's truly his love letter to Hollywood.

Leonardo DiCaprio is great in the film, showing off more of his comedic side. Brad Pitt gives a phenomenal performance, and he's a large part of what makes this movie great.

#2 - "The Irishman"

© Netflix

Al Pacino brings the most energy and charisma of all his co-stars.

Martin Scorsese really makes this film a culmination of everything he's been working towards. There are moments throughout that are both subtle and heartbreaking.

#1 - "Parasite"

© CJ Entertainment

Simply put, the director has made one of the sharpest, most devastating satires in recent years, and it's our favorite on the list of nominees.

Snubs & Flubs:

  • "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"
  • "Midsommar"
  • "Uncut Gems"
  • "The Lighthouse"

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