'Eternals' Trailer Breakdown: The Watchful Eyes Reveal Themselves

Marvel caught fans by surprise by dropping a teaser trailer for their upcoming film "Eternals" and with it came a handful of new additions to the MCU.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Eternals Trailer Breakdown

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November 5, 2021

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It's been close to two years since we began hearing about "Eternals" and the star-studded cast that would be attached to it. And now we finally get the opportunity to see all these actors geared up and ready to go as Marvel just released the first trailer. There's an abundance of recognizable names and faces so we're very excited to see how they fare now that they'll be joining the MCU. But the big question we bet your wondering is, who are these guys? Well based on what we've gathered from this trailer for "Eternals," we'll tell you what we think.

"Eternals": Trailer Breakdown

This new group of superheroes claims to have been among humans for years. They've been patiently watching from the shadows, helping to guide but never interfering. But now they feel they will need to step in. As fans of Marvel, we do need to address the elephant in the room. We'd like to know where they were when Thanos snapped his fingers to dust half of the universe. Did that not seem like a good time to step in and help? We're hoping this film will address that. This trailer does acknowledge that Captain America and Iron Man are no longer part of the Avengers. So, who will step up and take the lead? One of our new heroes feels confident enough to throw his name into the ring.

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios

Who Will Lead the Avengers?

Introducing the man who appears to be somewhat of a leader for their group, Ikaris (played by Richard Madden). He and the rest of the Eternals are realizing the void that needs to be filled and now they've decided to get involved. It's unclear in what capacity they'll be needed as there isn't an obvious villain that we could point out in the trailer. Someone we did notice, who Madden has actually worked with in the past on a popular medieval TV show, made an appearance as well. We don't think this new character is the antagonist. But it doesn't look like he's part of the team either.

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios

That's right, Jon Snow aka Kit Harington is in the building. But let's not forget the other big names who get their time to shine like Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, and Salma Hayek. This flood of talented actors is entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And they may be the world's new leaders that will eventually be fighting alongside the Avengers. Only time will tell. Also, we hope they'll make it out of this film alive. That would be a sad day if they finally come into the light only to be sent to eternal darkness. Click below t to see the new teaser for yourself.

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