'Encanto' Trailer Breakdown: The Magical Madrigal House

In a new trailer for Disney's "Encanto," we see an otherworldly town filled with extraordinary people who have powers, all except for Mirabel.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Encanto: Trailer Breakdown

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Disney continues to awe audiences with its inventive storytelling and this tale might be the most imaginative one yet. The first teaser trailer for "Encanto" was released this morning and we can already tell that this is going to be a hit. It follows a town of delightful folks who all carry special gifts. There's no limit to what kind of talent each person might inherit. We see one woman shoulder pressing two full-size pianos above her head, one in each hand. Another person greets their guests at the door by shapeshifting into that guest and giving them a hug. Imagine being able to hug yourself! And there's one woman that, with the flick of her wrists, appears to be able to turn pretty much anything into flowers. There's no question that this is a special place, but is it magical for everyone? Let's investigate.

"Encanto": Trailer Breakdown

This vibrant town that we get to explore in the trailer has everyone in a bright and cheerful mood. As we pass by the various townsfolk demonstrating their abilities, we run into Mirabel. She seems to be the only one from the Madrigal family that has no powers. She's loved by all just the same, but she's as ordinary as it gets. When living in such a charming place, it must be difficult to be the only one without a gift.

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Mirabel claims that whether or not she ever finds her gift, she's just as special as the rest of her family. There are a couple of big questions on our mind. Do we think that she'll ever discover her gift? Or will she remain the only normal member of the family? As is in Disney fashion, there'll be a lesson to be learned here. It tough to know what the ultimate lesson will be, but so far, we see a simple one. No matter how different you may think you are from being what's considered "normal," everyone is special in their own way. It may seem like Mirabel is the least extraordinary person for now, but we have a feeling she's going to be the most remarkable by the end. Make sure to check out this teaser trailer for "Encanto" below.

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November 24, 2021

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