Disney Casts Peter and Wendy for New Live-Action 'Peter Pan'

Another Disney classic is being reborn in live-action. Casting has started and Disney has found its title stars for "Peter Pan and Wendy."

Chuck Walton

By Chuck Walton

Peter Pan and Wendy in Disney's 'Peter Pan'

With the influx of Disney remakes already in full swing, we have one more title to get excited about.

It's about that boy from a magical land who wears green tights and never grows up...yes, Disney is making another live-action version of the 1953 "Peter Pan" movie, currently titled "Peter Pan and Wendy."

Though most of the details around the film are still under wraps, Variety reports today that Disney has chosen their actors to play Peter and Wendy.

The timeless role of Peter Pan will be played by Alexander Molony, and adorable Wendy will be played by Ever Anderson.


The film could be the breakout roles for the young stars, as most all of the live-action remakes from Disney so far have been hugely successful.

Plus, David Lowery (maker of Disney's live-action "Pete's Dragon") is set to direct this reimagining of Peter and Wendy's new adventure.

No release date is set yet, but we'll share the scoop once that time's secured.

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