'Desperado': Hispanic Heritage Month Must-See Movies

As we celebrate another day of Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the second film from the iconic Mexico trilogy "Desperado."

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Desperado: Hispanic Heritage Month Must-See Movies

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This neo-Western film was the direct sequel to the 1992 film "El Mariachi." It has "The Mask of Zorro" star Antonio Banderas walking around with a guitar case full of guns shooting everyone down who was involved in the death of his lover. The name of this movie is "Desperado" and it's the film we'll be featuring today as our must-see movie for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Film

Written and directed by "Machete Kills" director Robert Rodriguez, "Desperado" follows the story of a man known as El Mariachi. The man seeks revenge and kills everyone he needs to in order to avenge his deceased lover. Essentially, El Mariachi goes from one bar to another gunning down bad guys trying to get more information. He's searching for the whereabouts of Bucho, the man who killed his lover.

In the Tarasco bar, El Mariachi is confronted and kills everyone. He also somehow manages to save a woman named Carolina. Thankful that he's saved her life, she takes him to her bookstore. By this point, there are countless men that have been hired to take down El Mariachi. Carolina joins El Mariachi as his new companion and they both take on all those who cross their path. And the quest to find Bucho continues.

© Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

© Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Hispanic Heritage Month Connections

The second chapter in the famous Mexico trilogy was made possible due to the successful release of its predecessor "El Mariachi." As was true with the first movie, filming took place entirely in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, right across from Del Rio, Texas. The franchise started with the Spanish-language film that had a super low-budget and an amateur cast.

The initial plan was to distribute only to the Mexican market. Then, after Columbia Pictures bought the rights to it for American distribution, they decided to finance "Desperado." After the success of "Desperado," they greenlit the final chapter, "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." The franchise is bound to Mexico from the start, and is a classic action trilogy that remains true to its roots.

Why You Should See It

"Desperado" features an all-star cast including names like Steve Buscemi, Cheech Marin, Quentin Tarantino, Danny Trejo, and Salma Hayek. It is the very first movie that Banderas and Hayek starred in together. They even received a nomination for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. Also, if you want to see Antonio Banderas literally firing on all cylinders available, this is arguably his coolest role aside from Zorro. No matter where he is or what he's doing, he's locked, loaded, and ready for a gunfight. It's a pure popcorn masterpiece for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Did You Know

The film cost roughly $7 million to make, which is about 1000 times the budget director Robert Rodriguez had to make "El Mariachi." Another fun fact - while filming the flick, Rodriguez and actor Danny Trejo found out that they're second cousins. Also, although Trejo has a huge role in this film, he doesn't actually speak at any point.

© Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

© Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

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