Daniel Craig Dreamed of Being Major Superheroes Before James Bond

Though many will always know Daniel Craig as James Bond, before his infamy as 007 he had aspirations to be a superhero, like Superman or Spider-Man.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner


When we're young, we go through phases of thinking about what we want to be when we grow up.

For some kids, they want to be doctors, firefighters, astronauts, etc.

For others, they lean more towards cowboys, superheroes, and other professions that we all wish actually existed.

Daniel Craig was in the dreamer category where he wanted to be the next Superman or the next Spider-Man.

Now that he's all grown up, he has the type of job where he might be able to be a superhero in the future, but for now (and probably forever) he'll be known as James Bond.

© Sony Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

© Sony Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

We found out Craig's childhood dreams in an article from Metro, where Craig was interviewed by Saga Magazine and he mentioned his desire to be various superheroes and other characters as a child.

Craig tells Saga, "People are always saying to me, 'You must have dreamed of playing James Bond when you were a kid.' The answer is no. I never did. I dreamed of being all sorts of other things – Superman, Spider-Man, the Invisible Man, even a good old-fashioned cowboy. But Bond (not) so much, which seems ironic now… I’ve been lucky enough to land one of the best roles in movies. There’s no downside to playing Bond".

Craig's last time putting on the suit as James Bond will be in "No Time to Die" which was originally set to hit theaters April 10, but due to health concerns from coronavirus has been postponed to November 25.

Though we're bummed that we can't see his final feat quite yet, we're looking forward to the time when the quarantine is no longer necessary, and we can enjoy Daniel Craig's last film as the infamous James Bond. (and maybe there's still time for him to be a superhero yet?)

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