'Coming 2 America': Sink or Stream?

Should you let this second trip to America sink, or stream Prince Akeem's journey to find an heir to his throne?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

"Coming 2 America": Sink or Stream?

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Prince Akeem is back in the city, but this time instead of looking for his true love, he'll be looking for his true heir to the throne.

After more than 30 years since the release of "Coming to America," Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall have decided to put back on their royal garments to reprise their roles as Akeem and Semmi for the sequel "Coming 2 America."

And, after they're done visiting the Big Apple, they're bringing back the party to Zamunda, the place we've heard so much about but seen only glimpses of.

Before you decide whether or not you want to sink or stream this story of royalty, we're here to give you the facts first.

Reasons to Sink

© Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Though the film is titled "Coming 2 America," its primary setting is actually back in Zamunda with very little time spent in America, which can be misleading to fans comparing it to the plot and setting of the original 1988 film.
  • When trying to create this present-day sequel, the plot is so focused on introducing new characters that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall get somewhat lost in translation and end up sacrificing more screen time than we would expect.
  • This film depends too much on the nostalgia for its R-rated predecessor to carry this PG-13 rated version into the 21st century.

Reasons to Stream

© Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Even with more limited time, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall deliver some entertaining performances, along with bringing back some of their classic, kooky characters.
  • The film shows the progression of the major characters we know and love from the first film, while also introducing an entirely new set of characters that are diverse in their personalities and lifestyles.
  • In the way men dictated leadership in first film, women are the ones who get to take charge in this sequel. It's a positive message that in order for society to truly develop, we need to change archaiac ways of thinking and be open-minded to more possibilities.

Sink or Stream?

If you're deciding whether this flick is worth a stream, the answer is - give it a stream.

Our biggest complaint is that we want more Eddie and Arsenio, which isn't to say that the rest of the cast isn't amazing, we just loved the unexpected situations they found themselves in when they were wandering around NYC.

That said, we love that we finally get a full-on tour of the land known as Zamunda, and we also get to see how Prince Akeem's life has changed since his last trip to America.

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