Cillian Murphy Movies: Five of His Finest Films

Today we're wishing a happy birthday to Cillian Murphy as he turns 45. To celebrate, we've picked out five of his best movies that you should stream asap.

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By Jesse Conner

Cillian Murphy Movies

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We're getting closer and closer to the release of "A Quiet Place Part II," which we've been waiting for since last March. Now it'll finally be hitting theaters this weekend! And one member of the cast will be celebrating twice this week. Once for the release of his new film, and another because today is his 45th birthday. We're referring to the new addition to this franchise, Cillian Murphy. In honor of his birthday and the long-awaited release of his film, we've curated five of the best Cillian Murphy movies we could find. Take a look if you want to see him in action before he hits the big screen this weekend.

  • 1Dunkirk
    Cillian Murphy Movies: Dunkirk

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    We begin our list with one of his more recent films that's also one of his highest-rated as well. We meet Cillian Murphy's character in the middle of a war. He's found in the middle of the ocean sitting by himself on a wrecked ship. This shivering, shell-shocked soldier is rescued by a boat that's sole purpose is to cruise around to save injured soldiers. When this soldier realizes that the ship is heading back to the war, he tries to intervene. He begins to frantically grab the wheel of the ship to change course. That disagreement doesn't end well.

    Dunkirk Poster


    War / 2017 / PG-13

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  • 228 Days Later
    Cillian Murphy Movies: 28 Days Later

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    This pick is actually one of Murphy's earlier films that starts with his character in a coma. He wakes to find that the world has been infected with a virus. The world has gone from a normal, functioning society to absolute desolation and chaos. Murphy's character must roam the city trying to avoid any other livings things that have been affected by the "Rage" virus. As far as method acting goes, Murphy definitely looks the part as a bewildered man fresh out of a coma trying to make sense of an abandoned city.

    28 Days Later Poster

    28 Days Later

    Horror / 2002 / R

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  • 3Batman Begins
    Cillian Murphy Movies: Batman Begins

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    The third film featured here is probably our favorite role that Murphy has had. The flick introduces the Batman villain known as Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow. When auditioning for the film, Murphy first read lines as Batman. Though Christian Bale was the one chosen, Murphy was offered this role instead following his screen test. That was the best decision director Christopher Nolan could have made. "The Dark Knight" is technically the highest-rated film that Murphy has been in. But his role in this film is much more prevalent. If you really want to see how wicked the Scarecrow can be, then this is the one.

    Batman Begins Poster

    Batman Begins

    Action / 2005 / PG-13

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  • 4Inception
    Cillian Murphy Movies: Inception

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    As we continue on with our list of Cillian Murphy movies, this is the third Christopher Nolan-directed film to be featured. It seems when you pair Murphy and Nolan together, you get some great films. Here, Murphy plays the antagonist Robert Fischer. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team are trying to manipulate Fischer's dreams. Their hope is to implant the idea that Fischer should dissolve his father's company. DiCaprio and Murphy play a game of cat and mouse in their dreams while they sleep anything but soundly on the same flight.

    Inception Poster


    Thriller / 2010 / PG-13

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  • 5Red Eye
    Cillian Murphy Movies: Red Eye

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    Our final film choice shows us what Cillian Murphy is made of as he goes from a friendly stranger to a disturbing psychopath in the blink of an eye. On first look, everything seems to be a coincidence. Turns out, there's a carefully plotted plan for Murphy's character Jackson Rippner to be on the same red eye as Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams). Murphy's ability to be charming one moment and creepy the next is why we must include this gem on our list. Watching Murphy's performance will have you second guessing every person who acts a little too nice at the airport.

    Red Eye Poster

    Red Eye

    Thriller / 2005 / PG-13

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