Captain America's Top 10 MCU Battles

After hearing rumors that Chris Evans could return as Captain America, we thought we'd remind everyone of his awesomeness with his 10 best MCU battles.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Chris Evans in "Captain America: Civil War."

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We've received news from various online reports that Chris Evans is in talks to potentially come back to the MCU in some fashion.

Officially, none of the reports confirm anything, and Evans' playful tweet on the matter says, "News to me."

So, whether or not he actually is picking up the shield again for any cameos in the MCU, we still think it's great to celebrate everything that he's already done in the marvel universe, specifically 10 of his most incredible action sequences.

And yes, he can do this all day.

10. Captain America VS. Loki ('The Avengers')

How could we forget Cap's faceoff with the God of Mischief? Though Loki felt confident with his helmet on and scepter in hand, Captain America only ever needs his shield and fists.

9. Captain America VS. Crossbones ('Captain America: Civil War')

This next contender's name is Crossbones, but once he takes his mask off, he might look a little familiar. That's because this disfigured man is the same HYDRA agent who posed as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., the one and only Brock Rumlow.

8. Captain America VS. Winter Soldier - Part 1 ('Captain America: The Winter Soldier')

Usually known as Bucky, the war veteran was turned into a Russian sleeper agent so the KGB could use him as a weapon. Even though he and Cap are pals from way back, the brainwashed Winter Soldier has no idea.

7. Captain America VS. Red Skull ('Captain America: The First Avenger')

The former head of HYDRA and one of Captain America's biggest nemeses in the MCU is this guy. Red Skull and Cap met before in even more dire circumstances, but they've never had the chance to fight like this.

6. Captain America VS. Ultron ('Avengers: Age of Ultron')

Tony Stark's AI Peacekeeping Program brought to life by the Mind Stone, also known as Ultron, is another noteworthy villain in the MCU. Something that was meant to help prevent a war ended up creating one, and with that, Captain America had to help clean up Tony's mess starting with this battle.

5. Captain America VS. Winter Soldier - Part 2 ('Captain America: The Winter Soldier')

We know the Winter Solider's already listed above, but after reviewing all of Cap's epic fights, we found his rematch with a scramble-minded Bucky to be even more intense than the first one.

4. Captain America & Bucky VS. Iron Man ('Captain America: Civil War')

This might be one of the fights that brought a few tears to eyes along with conflicted feelings, forcing MCU fans to pick a side, Team Cap or Team Iron Man. Though Iron Man is surely putting up a good fight, it's actually Captain America and Bucky Barnes against him that make it an impossible battle to win.

3. Captain America VS. 10 HYDRA Agents ('Captain America: The Winter Soldier')

Possibly the best Captain America fight as it's 10 HYDRA agents versus one Captain America in an elevator... what were those guys thinking? Cap is such a class act that he even asked if anyone wanted to leave before the fight commences, which shows how polite and thoughtful he really is.

2. Captain America VS. Captain America ('Avengers: Endgame')

Sometimes people say you're your own worst enemy. But they probably didn't mean that at some point you'll run into yourself and end up physically fighting your other you. The banter here between Cap and Cap is priceless.

1. Captain America, Thor, & Iron Man VS. Thanos ('Avengers: Endgame')

Definitively, this is Captain America's most epic fight in the MCU. The feeling of joy that rushed over audiences when Cap wields Thor's hammer is something fans will remember forever. At that magical moment there were only two hits: Captain America hitting Thanos with Mjolnir, and Thanos hitting the ground.

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