Box Office: 'Mortal Kombat' #1 as 'Godzilla' Crosses $400M

The Weekend's Box Office Top 3: "Mortal Kombat" - $22.5M; "Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train" - $19.5M; "Godzilla vs. Kong" - $4.2M

Matt Lissauer

By Matt Lissauer

Box Office: "Mortal Kombat"

© Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

It's been a long time coming, but two movies debuted to strong returns for the first time since the pandemic started. This is a boom for the struggling box office, and it's even more fitting that it comes on the heels of Hollywood's big Oscar weekend.

Warner Bros.'s "Mortal Kombat" was in a fierce fight for No. 1 against FUNimation's "Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train." The WB tentpole would prove to be victorious in the end grossing $22.5M on the same weekend it debuted on HBO Max. The anime underdog surprised analysts with its stronger-than-expected earnings and ended its weekend run at No. 2 with $19.5M. However, worldwide, "Demon Slayer" is anything but an underdog, having already amassed $365M in Japan alone, and over $400M globally.

© Aniplex / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Aniplex / Courtesy Everett Collection

On the specialty side of the box office, Bleecker Street's debut dramedy "Together Together" brought in $522K. This was enough for it to place 8th in the Box Office Top Ten. "Together Together," starring Ed Helms as a single soon-to-be-dad seeking a surrogate, was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year.

Holdovers from previous weeks filled out the remaining Top 5. WB's monster hit "Godzilla vs. Kong" took in $4.2M, placing it at No. 3, while also crossing $400M globally. Universal's "Nobody" claimed the No. 4 slot with $1.86M. And Disney's "Raya and the Last Dragon" took the No. 5 slot with $1.6M

All in all, this was a huge weekend for the box office. With such strong returns for "Mortal Kombat," "Demon Slayer," and "Godzilla vs. Kong" globally, it's clear that as the summer months draw near, the Big Screen is truly back.

Box Office Top Ten: Apr. 23 – 25

  1. "Mortal Kombat" (Warner Bros) - $22,515,000 [NEW]
  2. "Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train" (FUNimation) - $19,542,227 [NEW]
  3. "Godzilla vs. Kong" (Warner Bros) - $4,200,000 / Overall: $86,575,844
  4. "Nobody" (Universal) - $1,860,000 / Overall: $21,671,720
  5. "Raya and the Last Dragon" (Walt Disney) - $1,680,000 / Overall: $39,844,169
  6. "The Unholy" (Screen Gems) - $1,400,000 / Overall: $11,545,129
  7. "Tom & Jerry" (Warner Bros) - $650,000 / Overall: $43,472,103
  8. "Together Together" (Bleecker Street) - $522,440 [NEW]
  9. "The Courier" (Roadside) - $264,175 / Overall: $5,941,832
  10. "The Girl Who Believes in Miracles" (Atlas) $245,000 / Overall: $2,387,225

Box office data comes to us from Box Office Mojo.

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