'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm': Sink or Stream?

Should we send our foreign friend back to Kazakhstan and sink this flick, or should we stream it and make him famous once again?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Sacha Baron Cohen in "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm."

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October 23, 2020

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In a time where it's important to stay safe by wearing a mask for protection, there is one man who is wearing his mask above and below.

Who are we talking about? Well... his name-a Borat!

Our favorite mustached immigrant is back and bringing us another hit in the US and A, titled "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm."

Borat has been tasked with bringing a gift to Vice President "Mikhael" Pence to show the gratitude that his country, Kazakhstan, has for President Trump.

If Borat fails his mission, he will be executed.

Should audiences let Borat sink 6-feet deep into the abyss, or stream his movie and save his life?

Reasons to Sink

© Amazon Studios

© Amazon Studios

  • This is a mockumentary/comedy film so at times it can get so weird and cringe-worthy that some audiences may not agree with Sacha Baron Cohen's "antics"
  • The film pokes fun at various political figures and religious ideals that could be considered offensive to certain groups of people
  • There are a number of instances where Cohen references certain historical events and ongoing controversial issues through a comedic lens, which might be interpreted as insensitive

Reasons to Stream

© Amazon Studios

© Amazon Studios

  • All the personality quirks and nuances you love about Cohen's crazy Kazakhstanian character are as prevalent as ever
  • Cohen and his new co-star Maria Bakalova dive into uncertain and sometimes very vulnerable situations with the utmost confidence and without hesitation
  • The film brings that same sense of kooky fish-out-of-water as the first movie, but somehow remains unique and original as a standalone film
  • When comparing the movie to the typical comedy sequel, this one greatly exceeds expectations. It's laugh-out loud funny often

Sink or Stream?

We've made our decision, which is that "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" needs to streamed!

Usually when you have such a kooky character brought back for another go-round, it often doesn't go well, or it's the law of diminishing returns.

But if asked how much we liked this unorthodox sequel, we would say "it's-a very nice!"

Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his inability to feel embarrassment, and he takes that trait to an entirely new level in this film, creating some very uncomfortable, very real moments.

To see the many hijinks ahead, stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

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