The Best Bruce Lee Fights

The new "Batman: Soul of the Dragon" is influenced by the master martial artist. To remind of his awesomeness, we present the 10 best Bruce Lee fights.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Bruce Lee in "Game of Death."

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The animated film "Batman: Soul of the Dragon" was just released, and it's said to be majorly influenced by Bruce Lee's classic film "Enter the Dragon." (now being promoted on Netflix). So of course, now more than ever, audiences should absolutely reaquaint themselves with the best Bruce Lee fights of all time.

That way, you'll know exactly where this cartoon version of the Dark Knight copped his action moves.

From ten to one, here's Bruce doing what Bruce does best...

10. Bruce Lee VS. Robert Hall ('Enter the Dragon')

Tenth on our list is the showdown between Bruce Lee and Robert Hall. Although it's an intense and brutal sequence, the reason it lands at #10 is because there isn't really too much of a fight happening here. Bruce is just slapping this guy around like he's a rag doll...which of course is still kinda awesome.

9. Knife Fight ('The Big Boss')

What starts as a fist fight quickly turns into a knife fight, as Lee takes a cut to his abs from the opponent. If you haven't seen this then we certainly don't want to spoil it. But Bruce Lee doesn't need a knife to cut someone.

8. Bruce Lee VS. Chuck Norris ('The Way of the Dragon')

Now we know what you're saying, "why is a fight between Bruce and Chuck so low on the list?" Well, the reason is...Chuck kind of gets his butt handed to him. As famous as Mr. Norris is, we'd expect a much more epic fight. Still, it's noteworthy. And Chuck does win the battle of the chest hairs.

7. Nunchaku Fight ('Game Of Death')

If you're looking for a how-to video on the appropriate use of the nunchaku, then you'll like this fight. Lee faces a worthy adversary equally versed in the nunchaku, and they showcase their skills with flair and confidence.

6. Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul Jabbar ('Game Of Death')

This will be a huge surprise if you haven't seen the film - Bruce Lee actually fights NBA alum Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (!), which maybe shouldn't be that surprising seeing as how Lee trained the hoopster in real life. Using his height to his advantage, Jabbar is literally able to kick Lee while he's still sitting down. Take that! Well, at least for a second, before the icon shows who's really the master.

5. Street Alley Fight ('The Way of the Dragon')

Another lesson in the art of using nunchucks. This time, Lee wields two, one under each arm, against an entire group of fighters in an alley. Though he is only one and they are many, never underestimate the Lee. Bruce Lee.

4. Dungeon Fight ('Enter The Dragon')

In more of a secret agent fashion, Bruce Lee infiltrates a basement dungeon full of prisoners and yet with an entire squad of dudes trying to attack him, he's able to Kung Fu his way through their facility unscathed - proving that age and enemies are just numbers.

3. Dojo Fight ('Fist of Fury')

Of all the duels, this one might be our favorite, seeing Bruce Lee basically taking on a full dojo of karate students without hesitation. All he needs is a minute to take his shirt off so that he doesn't rip or mess it up. Then bam, he's ready to kick these guys all the way up and down the mat.

2. Mirror Fight ('Enter The Dragon')

Coming in close to number one, but not quite, is the battle between Bruce Lee and the man with the Wolverine-style metal claw. We put this high up on the list because it's iconic (see the tribute in "John Wick 3"), and this guy is actually able to get a few cuts in on Lee, which is more than most can say. Our favorite thing is how Lee is unfazed from being sliced in the abdomen. We won't say what he does next...but it is hardcore.

1. Factory Fight ('The Big Boss')

The number one pick is easily the most epic and outlandish. Not only does Bruce Lee have to fight his way out of an ice factory full of armed fighters, but there are even more folks outside waiting to take him on as well. After seeing the clip, you'll understand why Bruce Lee is and will always be known as the master martial artist.

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