Best Bond Moves: Where from Here?

"No Time to Die" marks Daniel Craig's final film as James Bond, so as we figure out where to go from here, we're offering up 10 possible Bond replacements.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Henry Cavill

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After Daniel Craig announced publicly that "No Time to Die" would be the last time he would play agent 007, the internet went wild trying to figure out who will be next in line to carry on the legacy. The different actors being considered span the board. There are some big names that have been thrown around as well as some smaller rising stars who might be a great fit. So, as we ask ourselves where Bond goes from here, we present to you the top 10 actors we've heard the most buzz about.

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    Tom Hardy

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Tom Hardy

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    There's no doubt that you've heard of Tom Hardy as one of the front runners. In 2020, the "Venom" star was rumored to have already secured the role, which turned out to be an overstatement. But that doesn't mean it won't still happen. The English actor can certainly look the part as you may have seen with his less rugged, more suave appearance in "Legend." And fans who are placing bets online have him favored as the number one.

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    Regé-Jean Page

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Regé-Jean Page

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    Following the immense success of his Netflix show "Bridgerton," fans have rallied to throw Regé-Jean Page into the ring. The Emmy-nominated heartthrob has been turning a lot of heads. Those who are betting online have put him up at the top alongside Tom Hardy. In the same way that Daniel Craig wasn't a huge name before Bond, the producers may be considering a similar strategy of bringing in a rising star. If we've learned anything about the business, it's that the fans have lots of control.

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    Idris Elba

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Idris Elba

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    Another name we'd heard when the search for the new Bond first started was Idris Elba. Elba has admitted that rumors of him as Bond have "chased" him for a while now. We understand why. He's a good-looking English actor who's a pretty smooth operator and has proven he's ready for action. In his latest film "The Suicide Squad," he was the leader of the squad. Even just a few months ago, former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan publicly voiced his support for Elba and Hardy as both deserving of the role.

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    Cillian Murphy

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Cillian Murphy

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    "A Quiet Place Part II" actor Cillian Murphy has been receiving some buzz given his hit show "Peaky Blinders" is coming to an end after its sixth season. This frees up his schedule to take on a new project so many of his fans are hopeful he'll be able to nab the Bond role. Murphy is an Irish actor who could be a new, interesting take on Bond. He's pretty clean-cut and he can definitely rock a suit. Like Hardy, his name seems to move in and out with regards to the fan speculation.

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    Sam Heughan

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Sam Heughan

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    You may not recognize the name of this rising actor. But he's one of the new faces of the group that's up for consideration. Star of the drama series "Outlander," Sam Heughan is gunning for the role. Heughan actually auditioned for 2006’s "Casino Royale" before the spot was taken by Daniel Craig. After already going through the audition process, Heughan feels much more confident about throwing his hat back into the ring. He's also Scottish which could bring us some nostalgia considering the late, great former Bond actor Sean Connery was a Scot as well.

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    Richard Madden

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Richard Madden

    © Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Considering his award-winning performance in political thriller show "Bodyguard," Richard Madden is another Scottish actor who just looks like he would be a great candidate for the new Bond. Madden is now hooked into the MCU with his upcoming film "Eternals" so there's certainly a chance he'll be too preoccupied with various other MCU-related projects. But there haven't been any conflicts mentioned thus far.

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    Tom Hiddleston

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Tom Hiddleston

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    MCU alum and star of Disney+ show "Loki" Tom Hiddleston is on the list as one of the possible choices for Bond. Candidly, he doesn't have the best odds in the group. But he hasn't been counted out yet. We would be really interested to see how this English actor would go about portraying this coveted character. For us personally, it's really hard to imagine him playing any other role than his most popular character, Loki. But we would certainly be interested to see his approach.

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    Henry Cavill

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Henry Cavill

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    Though our preference isn't rooted in any online bets, we would love to see Henry Cavill as Bond. When Cavill was a mere 21 years old, he auditioned for "Casino Royale." Sadly, he was politely told that he wasn't necessarily in the peak physical condition that was required. Now, this "Man Of Steel" star is an absolute mountain of muscle. We've also seen that Cavill is more than capable of being an action star from his roles in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" and more recently "Mission: Impossible - Fallout."

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    James Norton

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: James Norton

    © Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

    This Hollywood hopeful is a relatively new face who gained attention for Bond from his role in British crime drama series "McMafia." English actor James Norton is one of the picks that is definitely still in the running. But he has much lower odds than the others. He's known more for his work in independent films. As far as his look and style, though, he fits the bill.

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    Lashana Lynch

    The Top 10 Bond Replacements: Lashana Lynch


    This final name could quite possibly make this entire list irrelevant depending on what events occur in "No Time to Die." "Captain Marvel" actress Lashana Lynch is the newest 00 that has joined the cast of "No Time to Die." There were rumors that she could be the new Bond. And if that's true we'll know by the end of the film. From everything we've researched, it's definitely unlikely she'll be the next standalone Bond. But there's a good chance she'll be working alongside whoever the next new Bond is. In our opinion, she checks all the boxes for what we would expect for a Bond hero.

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