And the Best Rom-Com Ever Goes to...'Groundhog Day'

This week's Motion Picks winner for Best Ever Rom Com goes to "Groundhog Day."

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day"

Thanks to everyone who voted on Motion Picks (available in the Noovie Trivia app), our winner for the Best Ever Rom Com is.... "Groundhog Day."

Groundhog Day Poster

Groundhog Day


Romantic Comedy

February 12, 1993

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Results brought to you by Motion Picks on Noovie Trivia

Results brought to you by Motion Picks on Noovie Trivia

Although he's not the traditional romantic, we can understand why folks chose TV weatherman Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) as the best Casanova (of course, he did have a million tries to get it right).

Before Phil reaches the small town of Punxsutawney to cover Groundhog Day, he was a narcissistic womanizer trying to use his fame to snatch up as many dames as possible before he hit the road to the next town.

Then, he gets the gift that keeps on giving which forces him to realize that no matter what he does, it doesn't he might as well stop trying to be a gigolo and start thinking about others for a change.

Congrats to Phil, and the classic film "Groundhog Day"!

If you didn't get a say in the winner this week, worry not. Download the Noovie Trivia app, go to Motion Picks , and give us your thumbs up and down for next week's results.

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