What's Noovie?

We’re completely obsessed with movies. As obsessed as Cady Heron was with taking down The Plastics but, you know, less drama.

You probably know us from when you get to your seat early at the movie theater. We’ve got all things movies, made by movie fans for movie fans, including behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming films and augmented reality games with Noovie Arcade. Besides, if you don’t get to your seat early, Maria Menounos is going to be really upset. Do you want that on your conscience?

We’ve also got the most movie trivia in one place. Download Noovie Trivia to play head-to-head against other movie fans, embark on a solo trivia quest, and take on daily challenges. It’s basically your chance to finally use all those random movie facts floating around in your brain.

And right here on Noovie.com, you’ll find everything you need to know to decide what to watch next. From new movies in theaters to the latest streaming releases, we’ve got you covered from the first trailer to the final explanation of what the hell just happened in that ending (we’re looking at you, Tenet).

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National CineMedia (NCM) is America’s Movie Network. More than 750 million moviegoers a year enjoy NCM’s Noovie on the big screen in leading national and regional movie theater circuits across the U.S., including AMC, Cinemark, and Regal Entertainment Group. For more information on NCM, visit www.ncm.com.

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